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Haylie Jones 

Personal Trainer

Wellness, Fitness, and Nutrition Coach


How can Personal Training help you achieve your goals? 

Personal Training provides accountability, support, a finish line within reach, and the motivation when you can't find it.

My primary focus is to integrate diet, fitness, nutrition education, and lifestyle changes to improve your health.

As your coach, I help you identify barriers that may be holding you back from reaching your goals and I create a personalized plan to achieve those goals.


About Haylie


My name is Haylie Jones and I am wildly obsessed with your success. I am a wellness and fitness professional with expertise in personal training, strength and conditioning, nutrition coaching, wellness counseling, and essential oil therapy.

As a Personal Trainer, I hold certifications in:

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Nutrition

  • Mobility

  • Technique

  • Gut biome

  • Health management

  • Coaching the aging athlete

  • Macro Coaching 

I am committed to helping my clients achieve their fitness goals while promoting a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Through training, education, and years of insight, my hope is to empower individuals to adopt consistent, fulfilling, and natural healthy habits for life.

I am deeply dedicated to your success and am continuously exploring innovative ways to optimize your physical and mental well-being. Let’s chat my friends!

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Our Methods



Do you know the exact amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat or calories you need to eat a day in order to obtain your goals?

If you don’t, then you’re just guessing on how to get there. Guessing sucks. I can guide you in finding the best options for you, based on your life and your lifestyle. We need to be fueling our bodies, not restricting them.

If you think you are eating well and you’re working out 4-5 times per week, but you’re just not accomplishing the goals, maybe it’s time to add in the missing piece, nutrition and metabolic health.

Personal Training
(In person/zoom)

Personalized instruction means that every second of your gym time is devoted to meeting your needs. The space and all equipment is provided for you, you just show up.

Whether we are working together in person or via zoom, as your personal coach, I get to help you build a specific skill set, strengthen weak areas, gain a competitive edge in your sport, and stay motivated to reach your goals.

However big or small your goals are, we will build a plan to get you there. 

Essential Oils

Micro and macronutrients are the foundation of cell function and the absolute foundation for us to build our health from.


Even when we think we are eating the best we can, the processing of food these days can sadly leave it devoid of so much of the nutrition it once had.


Using a combination of Essential Oils and proper supplementation, we can support our cells in getting back to homeostasis, healthy functioning, and healing. 

Online Workout Programming

Do you have access to a gym, workout at home, or travel a lot and use hotel equipment but don't have programmed workouts? 


I provide programming with variations of bodyweight & equipment depending on your home/gym resources.

Workout programming is 3 days/week and all accessed from the SugarWOD app. You see the workouts, you log your scores and cheer others on. 

This is a self paced program built with you in mind. 

Together we will work on crushing your goals.


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